Saturday, 7 May 2016

That Moment... which was more than life.

"Oh Lord! I love this person this very moment.. more than anything.. It might seem like exaggeration but I am willing to give up everything I have ever earned for this moment...", she screamed in her mind right when he their eyes met and both uttered those three magical words in sync. That sleek smile she could not hide and ended with a soft kiss on his forehead.

It was just another day like almost every day. Same place. Same person from last one year or so. Starting from being strangers to knowing each other more than own-self, it was not all rosy. But as they say when something is meant to be, it will. No matter what. From meeting casually to spending almost each moment together, there has been fears, insecurities, love, understanding, care, trust, fights over past, frightened for the future or the lack of it!

Surely, it was not the first time that they were lying down on bed..relaxing.. talking.. There has been many such talks which started before sunset and ended after sunrise. There has been many such moments worth mentioning. Moments.. of truth..of secrets.. of trust.. of togetherness.. of sharing fears.. of just being there.. of love.. and many more...

But this was all total a different moment. She felt something she had never experienced before. She never knew how to react to this feeling. This was something she always avoided. Something that seemed a bollywood cliche and nothing more.

And then.. here it was. All of a sudden.

It was not like those butterflies in your stomach on seeing your crush.. or skipping a heartbeat when you see your love.. It made her feel accomplished. It made here feel secured.. That sense of being complete...may be for a moment. But hey!! Who cares!!!! People live all their life and die without getting it.

That one moment.. changed her inside out... set her free... She was a new person now. It made her feel that freedom she always desired for. She could not thank enough for that.

She understood that after that very moment everything will again be the same may be. May be she will never experience it again.. May be that person won't even realize that he meant the world to her..But then..isn't it worth it!

She kept her pen down with that with a smile on face when his presence in her heart overtook her mind.... :)