Wednesday, 31 May 2017

And Yet Again...!

'You are a strong head person. You can not break down like this.',
she tried iterating in mind till she could feel it as a bliss.
But somewhere down in heart, she knew it already...
her mind and heart were not anywhere being steady.

Life had played many games - fair or unfair;
Till it felt like a regular affair...
Too familiar and yet so stranger;
That is when it becomes the danger.

Changes have been a part and parcel,
And there is no option to call it Cancel!
But accepting the truth has been a deploy,
when every time it means a new Good Bye...!

Perceptions vary with new people coming in,
Expectations lets you not give in,
Hope and faith makes you still try,
But what if something inside already decided to die!

Endless thoughts running around the head,
She knew enough has been done and said.
Nothing could help to better her quest...
And Yet Again...
Being herself was the only choice left...!