Saturday, 13 June 2015

Rain.. Rain.. Come again... :*

She comes home tired from work... It starts raining heavily out of nowhere.. She goes to kitchen.. Comes back with a cup of coffee and sees him sitting in balcony.. She walks steadily and sits on his lap.... He looks so dull and tired.. She hands over the cup kissing his forehead.. He smiles..Keeps the coffee aside..
They look into each other's eyes and a talk of thousands of words happens without uttering anything..
Some memories.. Some wishes.. They share everything within a blink of eyes..
Soft breeze with tiny rain drops are making an awesome music.. They rise.. He holds her in his arms.. Looking into eyes.. They start dancing..
"Did I tell you..You are such a sweet devil..?" , He says..
She smiles.. Saying , "Company matters dear..!"
He holds her from her waist..
They hug.. And kiss.. And laugh.. And look at each other.. Cherishing the memory of their First Date.. It was nothing like they had planned.. It started raining suddenly.. The walk in the rain and the kiss.. Marvelous moment it was..
Then they sit and share the cup of coffee.. With endless talks..
Then they sit there..her head near his heart.. she loved to listen to his heartbeats always.. It always soothed her.. And his hands caressing her hairs.. And the rain asks , "How long ???"
And they say , "Just some more moments.."
But none of them knows how long is that some more...they want to spend together..
All they can say is.. Some more moments..
Again comes a voice.. "Wake up girl..!!!!! You are late!!!"
She opens her eyes.. To realize that it was a dream.. A devilish sweet one.. Which she so wish to come true..
She smiles.. Gets up.. Get ready and continues with her work.. Saying herself ,
"This will come true..Not today.. But surely.. Some other day....:)"