Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Just Another Random Self Talk.... ;)

It is 3am.. Lying down on sofa.. Earphones plugged in.. Music playing.. Trying to sleep.. But Insomniac.. Nostalgic.. Too many thoughts.. 

It has been a long time that she jot down all those untamed thoughts.. Really long time that she summed up her feelings within random combinations of those twenty six alphabets.. 

So many things ended.. Last meets.. Last enjoyments.. Last college fest.. Farewell.. Friends departed.. New friends made.. Stressed relations.. Break up.. A new life awaiting at the door.. But it frightens just like the last one.. 

Difficult to decide.. Moving on.. But strings attached.. 

A person so perfect she meets.. All that she ever dreamt.. All going good.. Euphoria.. Too much happiness.. Scary.. Fear of losing.. Even before having him.. Social stigma.. Stereotypes.. Break them.. 

Being herself.. Forgiving herself.. Accepting herself.. Loving herself.. 

Living present.. Leaving past.. Letting future open its mystery when time comes.. 

Loads of thoughts.. Buckets of emotions.. Lacking words.. 

Reconnecting to self... :)