Saturday, 23 January 2016

Unspoken.. Unheard.. Yet Felt....

"Is it my mistake that I love myself more than I love others..
Or that I decided to move on rather than fitting into the so called definitions by society..
Or that I fell for someone totally unexpected at such an unexpected moment!!!
Is it my fault that the past is messed up..
How am I responsible for what someone does with their past!!
Whether they decide to stick to the past or to move on..
It is solely their decision and NOT MINE!!!
And if you can't accept it.. that's YOUR problem..not mine..
Just because it din't turn out the way you imagined..
You cant blame me for that.. Unless you are weak enough not to respect yourself and move on...
I AM NO MISTAKE of anyone.. Listen it loud and clear..
And you or anyone is no one to label me..
Now.. Go and get your shit together..
Move on before you are done and dusted literally...."
, she said in her mind staring at nowhere..
Because she knew no one will understand but the diary..
No one will be bothered or care but the emptiness...
No one will ask how she feels because she is the so called strong minded brave heart girl...
No one will listen because truth makes people uncomfortable...
All she has is her faith.. that someday someone will look into her eyes..
And just let the silence do the talking......